At Sovereign Man, we give men every tool they need to figure out why their wife is disconnected — so they can move from disconnected and cold to passionate, peaceful, and intimately connected in their marriage.

Our unique approach focuses exclusively on what men CAN control — their own actions. And as our results show, that is all that is required to make massive, predictable changes in the relationship.

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My wife says she still loves me… but is not “in love” with me. I want to have passion and connection in my marriage again.


I just want a peaceful home… The constant tension and fighting is becoming unbearable. I want to be happy in my own home again.


I work so hard for my family… but all I get is criticism and blame. I need my wife to respect me and appreciate all that I do for her. know more

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Hi, I’m Matt Enns

I am the founder of Sovereign Man Coaching. My obsession is to help men like restore your masculinity and save your marriage so you can experience intimate connection, peace, and respect in your marriage.

My clients include men who are separated and on the verge of divorce, men who are happily married but are worried they’re headed in the wrong direction, as well as men who have been divorced for years but still want to get her back. We have countless success stories in every scenario you can imagine.

What ties them all together is a desire to stay committed, to keep their family, children, finances, and social circle in tact. To create a marriage that fills them with joy and improves their power and confidence. A marriage that not only makes them HAPPY but also improves who they are as a man, what they can give to their family, and makes their day-to-day fulfilling and joyful.

My Mission in life is to create an ARMY of sovereign men whose marriages are thriving — an inspiration to their kids and their communities. Who live lives of strength, freedom, and self-mastery — and make their families, their communities, their countries, and the entire world a far better, richer place. This is my purpose in life and I will never, ever, stop doing what I am meant to do.

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Have you ever felt that your personal and professional life would improve if you could just get your marriage to a better place?

  • Your home life leaves you feeling depleted and empty, with no energy left for the things that matter the most to you.
  • Your confidence suffers because you don’t feel fulfilled in your role as a husband and leader.
  • Your stress and frustration are so overwhelming that, at times, you don’t know how much longer you can keep going.
  • Your wife loves you but isn’t “in love” with you… maybe she’s even said “it’s too late” or “it’s been so bad for so long that there isn’t anything left to save”.

If any of these sound like you, you’ve come to the right place.

The time is RIGHT NOW to take the control of your future with the Sovereign Man Marriage Mastermind.

Mindset Mastery :

How to deprogram yourself to eliminate the insecurity, anger, and self-sabotaging behavior that are holding you back – and reprogram yourself to have beliefs, feelings, and actions that are perfectly aligned with the future you want and the family you deserve.

Understanding Women:

A top-to-bottom, detailed, and specific understanding of EXACTLY why she is unhappy and what you need to do to connect with her most intimate self. We leave no stone unturned in helping you figure out, in a way that men can actually undestand, the depth of her mind and emotions so that you can connect with her — and gain her undying respect, appreciation, and love — in an effective, step-by-step reconnection process.

Purpose & Vision:

We help you create a roadmap to the best version of you and the marriage you have always wanted — because you can’t hit a target you can’t see. Women love a man with a powerful vision and the discipline to pursue it. When you begin to act from your purpose — instead of your impulses — she will relax into her feminine and follow you with gratitude and admiration.

Achieve the Marriage You’ve Always Wanted


The Sovereign Man Marriage Mastermind

In this comprehensive program, Matt will personally guide you through a proven process to reclaim your masculinity and save your marriage. Within days of joining the program you will begin to experience the joy, connection, and intimacy you have always wanted for your marriage — like 100s of clients before you. You will move from unappreciated and disconnected to respected, admired, and desired by your wife.

Take control of your future NOW and click below to talk with Matt: Work with Matt

Results You Can Trust

“My wife initiated sex with me after the FIRST call I had with Matt… this hadn’t happened since our daughter was born. More than 6 years ago. I’m more than 2 months in to the program and I still can’t believe how good things are.”


“I was sleeping in my office and hadn’t even seen her in more than a month. We weren’t talking at all except to text about finances and lawyers. But with the Creating Connection protocol I was able to make her feel safe in her texts and within 6 weeks I was living at home again. Not only is divorce off the table but she says she finally has the man she’s always wanted as a husband. And I feel the same way about her. I will be grateful to Matt for the rest of my life.”


“At this point she’d told me it was over so many times and we couldn’t even be in the same room without fighting. I thought there was no hope left. Now we can’t spend enough time together and… completely the opposite of before… she actually calls and texts me almost too much ha ha. I’m back in the home with my kids again and we are planning to move to a new part of town that I’ve always wanted to live in. She used to hate the idea and told me it she would never do it but now she trusts me and actually WANTS to move there. It all seems impossible but things are just so different now.”