Helping ambitious men who don’t love their careers figure out exactly what the hell to do about it so they can dominate at work and at life.


I don’t even care if I love my job… I just want to keep making good money and not HATE my job


I want to transition to a career that lets me live EXACTLY on my own terms…


I don't always follow-through... I want to get massively disciplined in the pursuit of my goals.

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Hey, I’m Matt Enns

I am the CEO and Head Coach at SVRN Man Coaching. My obsession is to help men like you redesign your career so you can experience the mastery, financial success, and freedom that you demand and deserve.develop massive discipline, and move toward your own vision of an ideal future.

My clients include serial entrepreneurs, 7-figure corporate executives, and public figures, as well as small business owners, corporate employees, and the unemployed. What ties them all together is a desire to get it right this time. To find a career that fits their passions and their abilities – that they can truly commit to mastering. A career that will not only provide financially but will also allow them to a life of total freedom.

My Mission in life is to create an ARMY of sovereign men, who live lives of strength, freedom, and mastery. Who live on their own terms, become the highest possible version of themselves, and make their part of the world a far better, richer place. This is what I am meant to do and I will never (ever) stop.


Have you ever thought life would be better if you had chosen a different career?

  • You leave the office depleted and empty and have no mojo left over for the things and people that matter the most to you.
  • Your confidence suffers because you take no pride in your performance at work.
  • Your work stress is so bad that, at times, you don’t know if you can handle it much longer.

If any of these sound like you, you’ve come to the right place.

The time is RIGHT NOW to take the control of your future with the 90-day Career Purpose Redesign

Mindset Mastery :

How to deprogram yourself to eliminate the beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior that are holding you back – and reprogram yourself to have beliefs, feelings, and actions that are aligned with the future you will have and the confidence you deserve.

Establishing Your Kingdom :

A top-to-bottom, detailed, and specific creation of what an ideal existence looks like for you. We leave no stone unturned in creating an amazing AND attainable vision for your future and your career– based on your passions, your skills, and your experience – as well as the precise, actionable steps to get there.

Cadence Creation :

The establishment of the specific day-to-day routines and habits of the highest-performing version of YOU. This doesn’t just include how you wake up, but includes everything from nutrition & fitness, to short- & long-term goals, to martial arts & meditation. And this is not a one-size-fits-all – this is 100% codesigned by YOU, down to the smallest detail.

and achieve Masterful Discipline so You Can Have the Life You Always Wanted



In this comprehensive program, Matt will personally guide you through a proven process to realign your career, your mindset, and your behavior to be exactly aligned with a future that you are excited to build. By the end of the 90-days you will have the specific, actionable clarity and confidence that you need to dominate not just your career but your entire life.

Take control of your future NOW and click below to talk with Matt:


Results You Can Trust

“I’m making more money than I ever have… and I’m not even done the program lol. That wasn’t even part of the plan. I can’t believe it”


“You’re right about the new morning routine. I have way more energy now. My fatigue hasn’t been an issue all week… Crazy but I never expected that would come out of working with you.”


“Matt thanks for everything so far. I don’t feel like crawling up into a ball and hiding for the first time I can remember. That alone is worth it. Excited for the next few weeks.”