Matt Enns

I am the CEO and Head Coach at SVRN Man Coaching. My obsession is to help men like you redesign your career so you can experience the mastery, financial success, and freedom that you demand and deserve. So you can live your life on your own terms and toward your own vision of an ideal future.

My clients include serial entrepreneurs, 7-figure corporate executives, and public figures, as well as small business owners, corporate employees, and the unemployed. What ties them all together is a desire to get it right this time. To find a career that fits their passions and their abilities – that they can truly commit to mastering. A career that will not only provide financially but will also allow them to a life of total freedom.

What feels like a lifetime ago, I was approaching ten years in my corporate job. I was making a top 1% income and, at long last, I got offered an opportunity that would push my income into the mid- to high-six figure range… It was what I thought I always wanted… but after a few days I became filled with dread. THIS was what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life? This was all life would be?


After a lot of pain, deliberation, and introspection I decided that I simply couldn’t say ‘Yes’. So I said ‘No’. And I began to embark on a journey of figuring out how to choose the right career – something that would give me the freedom that I demanded, while still enabling me to reach my financial goals. Something that I could be not just good at… but World Class at. Something that would impact the world in the way I wanted to.

Out of that, SVRN Man Coaching was born. I now help men transition out of jobs they do not love and into a life of total sovereignty – freedom over your time, mastery of your craft, and the financial success you demand and deserve.

My Mission in life is to create an ARMY of sovereign men, who live lives of strength, freedom, and mastery. Who live on their own terms, become the highest possible version of themselves, and make their part of the world a far better, richer place. This is what I am meant to do and I will never (ever) stop.


Grinding at the office, relying on alcohol to ‘turn off’ every day, slowly losing my wife’s affection and respect, trying to ‘manage’ my kids instead of giving them my attention, spending every penny I earned, letting my health slowly deteriorate… every day was about nothing more than getting to the end of the day. Surviving. Trying not to crash…

I still get emotional when I think about it. But not just because I feel pain for the man I used to be… But because of the immense gratitude I feel for how I live now.

I have an incredible marriage with my wife of over ten years. I am present and loving with my amazing kids. I am strong, disciplined, happy, and fit. My family travels whenever we want, to wherever we want. We live lives of adventure, abundance, and total freedom.

And I am so proud that I have helped so many other men embark upon the same journey. I would do this job even if it meant I could only reach one or two people per year. But I will have a much bigger impact than that…

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