If your career is not connected to the man you are meant to be…


After early success in my finance career, I came to a place where I was not satisfied.

I was drinking every day. My health was poor. My marriage was falling apart. I lacked ‘motivation’ and energy. I was not the Dad I wanted to be.

I took no pride in who I was.


The only real “success” I had was my career… But I sensed that my lack of career purpose — something genuinely meaningful, as well as lucrative — was at the heart of my problems.

I needed change.

After spending nearly a year and over $40,000 (!!!) on coaches, mentors, and counsellors to help me find my real purpose… I stopped looking There simply weren’t any programs that I found that were acceptable. Not only did I not find a program that I liked… I actively disliked everything I found:

  • Career and business coaches that lacked financial success themselves
  • Basic career aptitude tests, that aren’t even helpful for high-schoolers, disguised as a ‘program’
  • Barely-useful resume tips, cover letter templates, and lists of job posting sites without ANY focus on who I was and what I wanted out of my life
  • Instructors and ‘mentors’ who are unimpressive as individuals: out of shape, lonely, and low-energy.
  • A bunch of certifications that MIGHT advance my career… but no help choosing WHICH career I should be advancing

During my search I’d been compiling and creating useful exercises for myself. Exercises that I found, looking back, were not only super effective and comprehensive, but also transformative WAY beyond career selection. Processes that actually worked.

I decided to lean into what was working instead of seeking a solution that didn’t seem to exist.


As I created my own processes I realized that I had discovered a SECRET — that choosing the right career was not about doing an aptitude test, taking an additional certification, or just trying something new out of desperation…

Choosing a life-changing career was about ME.

  • Getting to know myself deeply
  • Levelling-up in my personal habits and developing massive personal discipline
  • Creating a compelling vision for my future
  • Aligning my daily routine with that vision
  • Knowing my purpose
  • Giving my family the lifestyle they deserve

When I started to focus on taking as much responsibility for the world around me as I could… creating a vision for my future that got my absolutely fired up… living each day to my potential and following high-performance habits…

The answers I sought for so long become clear almost immediately.

My confidence in the new path was so clear that I put myself, my wife, and my two kids on a plane — with only what we could take in our luggage — and moved to a new country to launch my new Career Purpose Coaching company, Sovereign Man LLC.

Since then I have helped men from all walks of life — public figures, corporate executives, minimum wage earners, and the unemployed — to find the one thing that they are meant to be doing. To find their Path… to find the Way and to follow it relentlessly.

These men are now able to:

  • Live with joy and high-energy
  • Carry themselves with CONFIDENCE
  • Pursue and achieve MASTERY in their chosen field
  • lifestyle they demand to live
  • Develop the habits and behaviors of high performers
  • Live on their own time and their own terms
  • Achieve SOVEREIGNTY in all areas of their life
  • Become the highest-performing version of themselves
  • Have CLARITY OF VISION in all things they pursue
  • Live in alignment with their purpose



My 90-day Destiny & Discipline Programis not a bandaid solution. It is not a career aptitude test with a couple of bells and whistles.

It is a TOTAL HUMAN OPTIMIZATION program. After all, if you are not the most dominant possible version of YOU, how can you possibly choose the right career for yourself?

It is only after deeply understanding WHO you are, WHAT you want, WHY you want it and then becoming the MAN you know you can be… that you can really choose a career with TOTAL CONFIDENCE that it is the right one for you.

Not just a career that fits your experience. Or your degree. Or your personality. Or your skills. Or your desired income. Or your desired schedule.

A career that fits all of things things. But more importantly, a career that is based upon your life’s mission. Your purpose.


And, in order to do this, I created THREE PILLARS to achieving sovereignty in your own life and MASTERING your Career Purpose:

Mindset Mastery :

How to deprogram yourself to eliminate the beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior that are holding you back – and reprogram yourself to have beliefs, feelings, and actions that are aligned with the future you will have and the confidence you deserve.

Establishing Your Kingdom :

A top-to-bottom, detailed, and specific creation of what an ideal existence looks like for you. We leave no stone unturned in creating an amazing AND attainable vision for your future and your career– based on your passions, your skills, and your experience – as well as the precise, actionable steps to get there.

Cadence Creation :

The establishment of the specific day-to-day routines and habits of the highest-performing version of YOU. This doesn’t just include how you wake up, but includes everything from nutrition & fitness, to short- & long-term goals, to martial arts & meditation. And this is not a one-size-fits-all – this is 100% codesigned by YOU, down to the smallest detail.

If this sounds like it could benefit you… if you are willing to put in the work… if the time is right and this is a get-started-now thing, not a maybe-I’ll-get-to-it-someday thing…

If you are ready to take massive action towards the future you deserve…

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